52 Week Photo Challenge, Week 41 - Leaves

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GSP in leavesLeaves52 Week Photo Challenge - Leaves

My Week 41 entry is Fall Bird Dog

Here's my entry for this week's 52 Week Photo Challenge at Fort Hood Photographers.  This week’s theme is "Leaves." When you're from the Pacific North West and you live in Texas, the fall is not really a TRUE fall.  Our September/October is still mostly summer for us. 

What I wanted was beautiful forests of changing leaf color... what I get is my backyard, my three dogs, and some fun editing (everything is still bright green here!)

This picture is of my new adopted dog, Boone - he's a Texas GSP Rescue Alumni.  He's fitting in great at my house!  This is him insisting that there are birds in this particular trellis... there's not... but we'll let him have his fun.  I did some fun level changes in the red tones to give this photo a "fall" feeling.

Here are some of my other photos that my boys helped me out with:  
This was a fun photo with some lens flare/haze.  I'm experimenting lately with more flare/haze - I'm still not sure if it's my style or not but I like it here.
Here's another one of Boone Dog.  He's such a cutie!!
Barley Dog didn't help out very well, he was interested in the invisible bird in this bush behind him
And my Butch Dog.  The older he gets the more willing he is to get his picture taken.  To bad this is about the level of excitement I get with him.  He was not willing to hop in the bushes for this photo challenge.



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