Session Location - Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum

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Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum


I went on a little scouting mission to the Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum in Temple, TX.  A friend of mine from college was in town so it seemed like good timing.  I even got him to snap some couple photos of my husband and I for our Christmas cards. 

I'm pretty excited about this location - there is a lot going on and it's pretty close to some other locations for those longer sessions.  There's a museum upstairs (admission is $4) and a park next door, so you could easily use this place to make a full day's outing from your session. 

This little collage I whipped up shows some of the different colors/patterns available for the background.  You can get a lot of different looks out of just one location. 

(Update:  Since I visited this location, the inside renovations have been completed.  It is GORGEOUS in there.  There is a $50 fee for having a photography session inside, but it would make some amazing bridal portraits, engagement or senior photos.  I hope I can have an opportunity to get some test photos soon!)

Session Location - Temple Railroad & Heritage MuseumTemple Railroad & Heritage MuseumSession Location - Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum

Here are some of the photos I had taken of my husband and I :)

Couple in front of a Pullman train carMy husband and I met in Pullman, WA so this picture really warms my heart We met in Pullman, Washington where trains were the life blood of moving wheat to the river and the town was named for George Pullman, the inventor of the Pullman sleeper car.  Finding a Pullman car in Temple, Texas was just perfect, I'm pretty sure I'm going to incorporate it in our holiday cards this year.


We were really out site-seeing so this wasn't the ideal time of day for photos - my husband is a little squinty from the direct sunlight, but I wanted to give you an idea of what these great large doors could look like in a background.

My husband was a little squinty in these - it wasn't the ideal time of day.


And here's one more - because if my helpers are going to be sarcastic, I'm going to include them :)


Contact me today - we can shoot there this weekend!

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