52 Week Photo Challenge, Week 12 - Photobomb

March 31, 2013  •  1 Comment

So I was back at it this week with a Photobomb entry for the 52 Week Photo Challenge over at Fort Hood Photographers.

My friends Abby & Nicole are notorious photobombers so I knew my photo would have one of them in it.  For those that don't know, this is where you hilariously step into the background of a shot.  Sometimes it makes the shot better... sometimes it ruins it.  (Note - Abby and Nicole are responsible photobombers and only photobomb when it adds comedic value.)

This was the last week that my photo partner and I had agreed upon as a "allowed to use previously shot photos" week.  Photobombs by definition just "happen" so I had very few in my files to choose from.

At first I thought about this one...







But it's not very nice to enter photos of your drunk friends into photo contests...

Yes...that's Nicole in the background...








My Week 12 Photobomb entry is Two Nametags Please

I took this photo at Abby & Nicole's Bridal Shower, my friend Chelsea was showing off her rapidly growing baby bump with a "?" name tag.  Of COURSE, Abby had to photobomb this.  I love this photo since Chelsea is such a beautiful woman, her little "?" is fantastic (it's a boy by the way), and Abby completely stepped in to make this photo an event.


Week 12 - Photobomb Winner!




hahaha!!! I love the first one!!! I wish you entered that one! lol
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