52 Week Photo Challenge, Week 15 - Nature

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Still Dancing

My Week 15 Nature entry is Still Dancing

After a two-week break, I'm back on track with the 52 Week Photo challenge at Fort Hood Photographers.

This week's theme is Nature - which is a tricky one because we still have Flowers, Landscape, and Leaves to go so I didn't want to have similiar photos for those weeks.

I lucked out - this was the scene from behind my tent last weekend at Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area (BLORA) where my husband and I camped.  I needed to test out lighting for the following night when I was planning on shooting some maternity photos for friends.  I played around with the focal point on this, first the right tree, then the left, then the middle, then I came back to the left.  I like the darkness in the woods in the background a whole lot.  The young branches on both the front trees makes me feel like, even though these trees are struggling to grow straight, they are still alive.  I'm very happy with how this turned out.


I also thought about submitting this photo.  I actually like it better but my husband, who is occasionally right (only sometimes, on a good day, when Jupiter is in Mars and it's raining outside), said he liked the first one more.  I think I'm going to have this one printed up in a vertical 16x9 and hung in my house. 



I also shot this this little gem.  He's pretty special, LOL! Something Extra

And here's one more - thanks for looking!

Texas Wildflowers




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