52 Week Photo Challenge, Week 21 - Movement

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COTA Stunt RiderCOTA Stunt RiderCOTA Stunt Rider

My Week 21 Movement entry is Kiss the Sky

So this 52 Week Photo challenge is harder to keep up with than I thought!  I'm missing a few weeks over at Fort Hood Photographers but I'm pushing on and catching up when I can!

This week's theme is Movement - showing actual "movement" and not just "something moving" is something I struggle with still as a photographer.  It's easy to speed up your shutter and to freeze the movement, but to show the movement blur of a fast moving object is difficult.  I love this photo, but it's not what I wanted, so I guess you take what you can get sometimes.

Some very nice man donated about $30,000 worth of tickets for Fort Hood Soldiers and their families to have premium seats for MotoGP at the new Circuit of the America's track in Austin.  We rode down on the motorcycles with some friends and had a nice long, hot, loud day... but it was fun.  I snapped this photo during an exhibition between races.  I wanted shots of the actual motorcycles on the track, but alas, I don't have tens of thousands of dollars to pay for either track side access or a camera lens that takes pictures of the surface of the moon. 

I hope you enjoy!  If you would like to order a print, let me know & I can set you up with the original file - I think it would look great in a boys room!


UPDATE: I won this week's contest!

Kiss the Sky


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