52 Week Photo Challenge, Week 26 - Fireworks

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Country Fireworks

My Week 26 entry is Country Style Fireworks

Hooray! Back on track for entering the weekly contest at Fort Hood Photographers.  Unfortunately, the photographer that runs the website is on vacation so no winner was picked.  Oh well!

So when my husband says we're going an hour away from the big firework displays on Fort Hood for a party with his fellow Soldiers, my heart sunk a little.  I do love a good party though and he did promise me a "country 4th of July" so I bit my tongue and packed my stuff for Lampasas, Texas. 

I'd been researching for weeks the best settings and techniques for photographing fireworks.  I was led to believe it would be easy to replicate these amazing flower-like light trails I was seeing in these tutorials.  Uhhh,  nope!  That stuff is HARD!  Luckily, the few kids that were at this party were easily entertained with these ground blooming fireworks, so I got to play around for quite awhile.   The struggle is to focus the camera on the area that the fireworks will be going off in - that's pretty hard to do in the pitch black of Lampasas. The next struggle is to keep the shutter open long enough to get the light trails but you can't keep it running to long or the smoke will start to hover in the firework.  It's difficult!

Country Fireworks


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