52 Week Photo Challenge, Week 32 - Painting With Light

August 18, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

light painting wsu cougarsWashington State University in Light Painting!Washington State University in Light Painting!

My Week 32 entry is Two Weeks to Cougar Football!

Here's my entry for this week's 52 Week Photo Challenge at Fort Hood Photographers.  This weeks theme is "Painting with Light", or light painting.  Click here to see all the amazing things you can do with light painting.

I had to make this a Washington State University - WSU - picture.  We Cougar Alumni are pretty passionate about the football season, and at two weeks to kickoff, it's all we could think or talk about at our house.

I created this photo by setting up the tripod in the back yard, giving my photography model enough adult beverages to cooperate, and setting the shutter to "bulb."  The next steps are:

  1. Open shutter
  2. Have model use a handy penlight to write WSU
  3. Flash model with a flashlight
  4. Close shutter
  5. Repeat several more times until it looks right

This was a lot of fun and I can see this becoming a neat thing to do at backyard BBQs after the sun goes down!


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