52 Week Photo Challenge, Week 34 - Macro

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Morel mushroom in Oregon, Wallowa MountainsMorel mushroom in Oregon, Wallowa MountainsMorel mushroom in Oregon, Wallowa Mountains

My Week 34 entry is Oregon Morel

Here's my entry for this week's 52 Week Photo Challenge at Fort Hood Photographers.  This week’s theme is "Macro" - macro is photography where the subject is magnified. Macro photos have an extreme emphasis on details, textures, and colors that you can only see super close up. Macro photography can be challenging as you must have such a small area of a small item in focus in order to have the nice blur, or bokeh, in the background.

I took this photo in the Wallowa Mountains of Eastern Oregon. We were home visiting an ill family member and a kind, long time neighbor took us "morel hunting" on her land. It was not only a nice break to get away from the hospital, it was great way to remember what we miss about back home in the Northwest.

Morels are these amazing little mushrooms that grow in only certain parts of the world - Eastern Oregon being one of them. They are very expensive if you were to buy them, we felt privileged to be able to pick them and to eat as many as we could handle.

When you go "morel hunting" you just wander through the woods and look for these little suckers on ground. They look like a small pinecone - which is unfortunate because the ground is covered in small pinecones. They also don't grow where you think a mushroom will be, must of the ones we found that day were in the trail.

I took this photo about halfway through the "hunt' - yes, I was lying on the ground, and yes, I did look ridiculous.

We collected about half a grocery bag ourselves and the neighbor thankfully filled up the other half. We then cleaned and soaked them in a salt water for a few hours.

After that... olive oil...shallots...fresh parsley...garlic... white wine...piled on top of fresh french bread...

I don't have any pictures of that, because I didn't really want to get drool on my camera!



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