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Products offered - 8x6 flush mount photo bookProducts offered - 8x6 flush mount photo bookProducts offered - 8x6 flush mount photo book

This is the 8x6 Flush Mount Photo Book that I offer; this is the perfect way to showcase all your photos after a session. As you can see, 8x6 is a great, easy to hold size. This will look nice on your coffee table, your desk at work, or in a carry-it-all purse. It has a rigid cover with thick (.8mm) bend resistant pages. The cover can either be a plain solid cover, or a photo wrap and is supposed to be stain resistant.

Text can be put on the spine and/or the front of the book. In this case, we put this little guy’s name and how old he was in these photos. Now mom can keep a stack of them for each follow-on photo session that we do. We wrapped a full length shot of him around the cover, so face on the front, and tushy on the back. We changed the photo to a black and white so it would match with whatever surroundings mom placed it on.

These start at 20 pages and can be extended out to 60 pages - this book was 20 and that turns out to be a good amount to show off your photos. The pages are real photo paper, so this is a fantastic way to get your photos printed without having to frame and hang them. You'll notice especially on the bottom right photo, there is no gutter in the middle of the two pages - a horizontal photo can be seamlessly stretched across the full open width of the book.

One of the coolest things - if you want to show the book to someone but you won't be seeing them anytime soon, I'll give you a URL to get to a preview like this one. You can email or Facebook share this – it’s perfect for all the military families around Fort Hood that have friends and family spread all over the world.

Don't forget - any photo that is used in a photo album comes with a digital file download of that photo in a web-ready (no print release) format. So this a great way to get all of your favorite photos.

Contact me today to set up your session - I'd love to see your face as you open your own custom made photo book!


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