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Digital Files vs Printed Photographs

I’m not saying “digital files are bad.”  My house is an Army house like most of my Fort Hood community.  If I only have my pictures framed and hung on my wall, my family back home will never see them.  I'll have to take a picture of the picture... and send it to them... digitally... 

What are you REALLY going to do with that digital file?

  • Put it on Facebook?
    • I’m going to share the best from your session for you, so that’s done. 
  • Put it on a Christmas card?
    • Pick out a template; I’ll put it together for you!
    • Double sided cards let you have more pictures and share a note with your family
  • Order prints to rotate out your pictures at your house/office?
    • Using Walmart, Walgreens, Shutterfly, Costco, etc?  Until I can get the results of my own done, check out this photographer’s comparison... I think you'll really prefer my professional lab!
    • Are you really going to order them… or be like me and have photos that are 7 years old on your wall because you haven’t gotten around to ordering new ones from the files on your hard drive?
  • Add the photos to an album, or make a new album?
    • Let's get that done for you too!  I sell albums and album pages - let's make sure your photos are printed beautifully and bound in format that you'll love to put out for guests or to carry in your purse.

Hiring me will not get you 30 digital images on disk and a "good luck" - it will get you what you actually want from your photo session.

  • Professionally edited photographs of heirloom quality
  • Only the best of your photographs, not "fillers" to get you to a predetermined number of photographs
  • Assistance in selecting the right photograph for the job - the best photo to put on the mantle, the best photos for your holiday card, the best photo for the yearbook, the right photo for your website, etc
  • Albums, cards, canvas wraps, mounted prints, framed prints, etc - not a CD.  No further effort or money required by you.
  • Free digital file download of any photo purchased (full resolution and print release with purchases larger than an 8X10, low resolution (web ready) photo for any photo 8x10 and smaller or included in an album, album page, mounted/printed collage, or cards.
  • All photographs shown to the client will be available for digital download purchase after print orders have been placed
  • Most session fees include social media shared photographs. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!